Comfy Adult Diaper

COMFY Adult Diaper

  • Excellent absorbency and dryness with super absorbent polymer
  • With double tapes for better fastening to secure diaper
  • Leak guards that comforms to the body for comfort and better protection
  • Soft and smooth surface to keep the skin dry and snug
  • With plastic cover for refastening the tape to adjust for better fitting
  • Saddle-shaped design to perfectly match human anatomy
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Product Description

Adult Diaper, Day Medium (M 800 X 640 MM)
Adult Diaper, Day Large (L 950 X 800 MM)
Adult Diaper, Night Medium (M 800 X 640 MM)
Adult Diaper, Night Large (L 950 X 800 MM)
Under Pad (30″ X 30″ (75 X 75 CM)
Wet Wipes (20 X 30 CM)


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